Ashburton Investments is an investment manager offering discretionary portfolio, multi asset and specialist fund solutions to international private and corporate clients including family offices, trustees and wealth managers.
While the rest of the industry may have had to come to terms with how the global financial crisis changed the world for their clients, we have simply carried on doing what we have always done – delivering risk adjusted returns through all market conditions.
Multi Asset is not the latest investment trend to us. It has been the cornerstone of our business since inception, supported by our experienced and longstanding equity specialists. For more than 35 years, we have invested in what makes sense. Our product set and approach to investments has evolved over time to suit ever changing market conditions but the underlying constant is that we understand our clients need to effectively manage risk and we put them at the centre of our thinking.
Globally, Ashburton Investments has over £5.6bn under management as at June 2018 with offices in the Channel Islands, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Key Contacts
Tony Wilshin

Tony Wilshin Managing Director (International)
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Laythamm Malorey

Laythamm Malorey Head: International Distribution, Traditional
+44 (0)1534 512010

Mark Forster

Mark Forster Intermediary Distribution Executive
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Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly Senior Relationship Manager
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