CAPTIMA structures small to large capital stacks of equity and debt and connects capital to investment grade properties in the UK and Europe. Our clients benefit from an exhaustive network of traditional and non-traditional debt providers and an expansive portfolio of international investors. We maintain deep relationships at the highest levels of both debt and equity and we employ a focused approach in order to effectively access the most appropriate capital for transactions. Clients and capital sources rely upon our ability to appropriately structure the capital stack, accurately assess and define risk, and achieve optimal terms for all parties involved.

We structure and deliver:

Senior Debt
Stretch Senior
Construction Finance
Forward Commitments Preferred Equity
Mezzanine Loans
Joint Venture Equity
Participating Debt
Bridge Loans
Off Plan purchases
Forward Funding
Pre-purchase partnerships
Acquisitions of completed and partly constructed residential blocks
Revolving “War-chest” facilities
Acquisitions of Distressed and Performing Residential projects and Portfolios
Opportunistic Financing
Transitional, programmatic Facilities
Asset Disposals

CAPTIMA is at the forefront of new financing and investment initiatives which have emerged recently and has teamed with a range of specialist global asset managers and funders investing across the entire capital stack in UK and European commercial and residential real estate.

Key Contacts
Mark Watson

Mark Watson Managing Director
+44 (0)1534 679553