Our approach sets us apart!
At Fiduchi we take a pragmatic approach to ensure your interests, whether personal or business are safeguarded. Because of this, we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ methodology, rather the contrary. Our director led teams will assess your needs to ensure we take into consideration all your requirements and provide the bespoke service you require. Our clients have appreciated this ‘trusted’ approach for 25 years, and it has been a contributing factor to our success. Letting Fiduchi take care of the detail so that they can enjoy what matters to them.
Global relationships.
Our directors have a pedigree founded in big four accountancy practices and major financial institutions. Our clients comprise mid-tier corporates, family offices, wealthy family groups and business entrepreneurs from around the globe. We also service UK & European banks, asset managers and State-Owned Enterprises. All operating across a range of industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Education & Fisheries.

Key Contacts
David Hopkins

David Hopkins Managing Director
+44 7797 732 233

Darren Hocquard

Darren Hocquard Executive Director
+44 7797 716 878

Robert Ayliffe

Robert Ayliffe Executive Director
+44 7700 349 7504

Christopher Dungan

Christopher Dungan Regional Director - Middle East
+971 52 957 8301

Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson Executive Director - Private Wealth
+44 7797 966 408

Sean Le Scelleur

Sean Le Scelleur Associate Director
+44 7797 824 389

Philip Robinson

Philip Robinson Associate Director - Family Office
+44 7797 831 658

Terry Northcott

Terry Northcott Associate Director - Corporate Services
+44 (0)1534 755178

Kieth Graham

Kieth Graham Non-Executive Director
+44 7797 715 421

Paul Coundley

Paul Coundley Director - Operations
+44 7797 914 546

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With 40 years of experience, Fiduchi Yacht Services are the leading specialist in the offshore yacht, mega-yacht and super-yacht services industry. Fiduchi has a thorough knowledge of all aspects ...

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