With Flagstone International’s cash deposit platform, clients can effortlessly instruct the placement of deposits across multiple products from a variety of banks. In addition, clients can execute spot currency exchanges directly within our platform, offering flexibility and convenience. With access to 16 currencies, clients can easily navigate multi-currency deposit products, optimise interest income, and effectively diversify their cash assets. All in one platform, with one application and onboarding journey.

We empower clients to optimise the interest income, effectively diversify their cash assets and simplify their administration of both cash and FX.

We work with financial intermediaries and their clients who are looking to optimise and diversify their cash deposits and streamline administrative requirements. We also work closely with banks who want to extend their distribution model, cost efficiently.

Key Contacts

Sulina Odwong

Sulina Odwong International Marketing Manager
+44 203 745 8126