Link Asset Services is part of Link Group’s Asset Services division and works in partnership internationally with almost 7,000 clients providing the infrastructure through which assets are secured or deployed in both regulated and unregulated markets. The 3,000+ members of our team deliver over 70 closely aligned services, helping capital flow through the financial markets by processing £45bn of payments annually; and protecting and safeguarding more than £600bn held in funds, entities and other instruments. We build longstanding relationships; and our clients rely on us to provide robust & agile technology, combined with relevant, accurate and timely industry knowledge and expertise. Our clients often procure multiple services from us and our approach and execution success has enabled us to build market leading positions across all of our business lines:

  • Link Market Services (share registration, investor relations, share investment services, treasury)
  • Link Fund Solutions (AIFM, fund administration, transfer agency, ISA plan
  • Corporate Services (finance & accounting, company secretarial, entity
    management, outsourcing services)
  • Private Clients (trust & company services, including inter-generational transfers)

We have partnered some clients for generations and the average tenure of our relationship management team often exceeds 10 years.

Key Contacts
Norma O'Sullivan

Norma O'Sullivan Managing Director
+44 (0)1534 847457

Ben Gilbert Head of Corporate & Fund Services
+44 (0)1534 847119

Paul Horton

Paul Horton Head of Fund Custody Services
+44 (0)1534 847300

Karl Bekusch

Karl Bekusch Head of Private Clients
+44 (0)1534 847272

Chris Fry

Chris Fry Head of Family Office Services
+44 (0)1534 847247

Franck Matthews

Franck Matthews Head of Employer & Executive Services
+44 (0)1534 847120

Jamie McIntosh

Jamie McIntosh Head of Treasury
+44 (0)1534 847242