The Phundex vision is to de-risk the investment process and dramatically reduce the time and cost to find, make, administer, and report on any investment. Our mission is to curate an integrated ecosystem for digital origination and administration of funding instruments, specifically new venture funding, expanding their introduction to an already existing and broader universe of investors. Phundex aims to be the single de-facto platform for fundraising, due diligence, investment administration and regulatory reporting wherever you sit within the investment lifecycle.
Phundex provides a digital solution to finding innovative ideas, digitally facilitating the investment due diligence process, and then administers and reports on management, investors, and regulators’ investments.
Getting the basics right in administration and reporting should be the foundation of any investment services provider. Phundex’s proprietary functionality will ensures streamlined, more secure data flows between counterparties, taking out inefficiencies of time, data quality and mistakes, significantly reducing the cost of finding, making, and administering investment instruments.

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Heather-Anne Hubbell

Heather-Anne Hubbell Chief Executive Officer
+44 (0)7797 918114

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