Our client base is of extremely high quality, drawn from across the investment management community and ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to global asset managers. Whilst we provide all of our administration services in Jersey, we have some client vehicles which are domiciled in other jurisdictions.
The constantly evolving regulatory and compliance landscape presents challenges that require an experienced and stable service provider and we have the skills and agility to stay abreast of these challenges, leveraging the considerable benefits of our collaborative approach. Working with all stakeholders and related intermediaries means that we will assist in finding the right solution to challenges quickly and efficiently, whilst ensuring our commitment in being your business partner does not falter.
We have worked hard to build a reputation grounded in exceptional service, highly personalised client care and an uncompromising approach to technical excellence. Our objective is to preserve our distinctive business model and to continue to focus on pursuing our clients’ best interests. We pride ourselves on our independent ownership structure which we believe allows us the ability to make and implement effective and timely decisions, meaning we can continue to provide a bespoke level of service.

Key Contacts