TCA specialises in compliance and regulatory platforms that automate complex tasks, saving time and cost, improving efficiency, and reducing risk.
Our first compliance service, InsiderList (https://www.insiderlist.com), automates the complex regulatory requirements of UK/EU Market Abuse Regulation (“MAR”).
Clients are able to benefit from sophisticated real time data validation, intelligent data capture, and rules-based processing to ensure that all data is tested for quality, integrity, and is stored in a MAR compliant format. Our compliance engine provides a complete audit history, proving adherence to all regulatory obligations.
InsiderList provides a secure and robust compliance platform that helps avoid substantial fines, which under MAR can be up to €15m or 15% of turnover. All of our clients report that they have reduced concerns over their exposure to MAR sanctions after moving to our platform.
Our 360o dashboard provides visibility over the entire compliance workflow, from setting up MAR compliant workflows to recording digital signatures. Clients who automate their MAR compliance process with our digital workflow solution typically reduce their time managing MAR by c.94%. Each year, our enterprise clients save on average 200 hours per compliance professional.

Key Contacts

Rob McCombie Founder & CEO