TISE offers a convenient and cost-effective service for listing and trading a wide range of products including:

Trading companies

TISE’s cost-effective offering makes it an ideal venue for growing businesses from a wide variety of industry sectors and jurisdictions which are seeking a marketplace that will enable them to build profile and access capital.

Investment vehicles

TISE is home to securities of open and closed ended investment vehicles, including those from leading global fund managers and more than a quarter of all UK Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). TISE’s recognitions widen the potential investor base, as well as enhancing the substance of the structure and creating added value.


TISE is a market leader in listed debt, which includes private equity debt, convertibles, sukuk, Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) and high yield bond. TISE’s proportionate listing regime means it is now home to a significant proportion of the new high yield bonds issuances raising money from European investors.


A market segment which highlights those bonds, funds and companies which are making a positive environmental impact.

• Responsive approach to new listings
• Competitive pricing
• Global standards of issuer regulation
• Wide international recognition
• Premier locations

Key Contacts
Fiona Le Poidevin

Fiona Le Poidevin Chief Executive Officer
+44 (0)1481 753000

Mark Oliphant

Mark Oliphant Head of Communications
+44 (0)1481 753000

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