Career options

Career options

If you are an experienced professional, wishing to change your role within the finance industry, there are plenty of options available to you.

If you are currently employed in a different industry but thinking of a change in career direction, the finance industry is also very welcoming of people who wish to change their career path and companies recognise and appreciate the skills and knowledge that an experienced individual transferring from another sector can offer.

Changing career can be daunting, but also extremely rewarding. For those considering a fresh challenge, it is worth researching the diverse roles within the finance industry to see which complement the skills you have already.

There are a large number of recruitment agencies on the island that advertise current vacancies in local newspapers and magazines, and on the internet. Local organisations’ websites are also a good place to start your search for a career in finance. 

Moreover, there are many opportunities to learn on the island, it is easier to learn a new skill than might initially be thought. There is a vast range of flexible courses available locally which can fit around commitments at work and at home.

It can be particularly difficult, though, for those who are unemployed to find work, especially if they are not maintaining their skills with ongoing work experience or training. That’s why initiatives that can provide those looking for work with good, high quality work experience are so important.

The Social Security department ‘Advance Plus for Finance’ scheme, for instance, provides unemployed adults with placement experience and job training – further information about the scheme can be found here.

For some candidates a helping hand can help clarify career direction, future career goals and increase confidence when thinking about a next career move.

The team at Skills Jersey is available for advice and guidance if you are thinking about a career change or unsure about which direction to go in. They are an all age advice and guidance service that offers one to one appointments with an adviser to explore your options. If you are interested in setting up a one to one appointment, please contact Please note that the team at Skills Jersey are not a service provider that offer to find work for candidates.