Work placements, experience and careers

Work placements, experience and careers


To get a foot in the door and be successful, it is important to be forward thinking, keep focused, be ready to learn new skills and be prepared to put in some hard work.

It’s a challenging environment but there are opportunities for those who think carefully about the future and their aspirations. With this in mind, it is often a good idea to talk to people in the finance industry and carefully consider what kind of skills or talents are needed to start a new job and develop a career according to those aspirations.

With the finance industry being so diverse and with a variety of potential career paths to choose from, it is always a good idea to get in touch with prospective employers and do some research to gain a valuable insight into the industry before applying for a job. 

There are many work placement/experience programmes/bursaries and various careers available to you through our member firms.

Here are some of the opportunities available:

STEP Jersey Bursary

STEP Jersey is offering a bursary for three students who are beginning their studies in the academic year commencing September 2017. Read more.

JSCCA £5000 Bursary

Students in Jersey starting a degree at university in 2018 can apply for a bursary being offered by the Jersey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants (JSCCA). Read more