Jersey Finance Industry Strongly Positive in latest Business Tendency Survey

The March Business tendency survey has just been released and shows strongly positive results for the finance industry. The Jersey Business Tendency Survey (BTS) was first launched in September 2009 in order to provide qualitative information about the Island’s economy in a timely manner.

  • Bus Activity 2.png

The highlights are:

  • New Business and Future Business Activity were both strongly positive, both indicators recording their highest levels to date;
  • Business Activity and Business Optimism remained at similarly positive levels to those seen in the previous two quarters, and considerably higher than twelve months ago;
  • Profitability, Capacity Utilisation and Future Employment remained positive and were also significantly higher than twelve months ago; 

Encouraging to see that yet more signs of growth in new business and in business confidence are being sustained. Sadly the timorous debate over office capacity goes on and continues to ignore these strong trends. A recent survey of our members indicates that in excess of 900 new jobs will be created in finance over the next five years.

Time to stop dithering and get building!


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