OECD tax receipts increase

The Tax NGO lobby is very fond of trying to convince the media and policy makers that tax evasion is dramatically impacting countries' tax receipts. This despite the fact that countries like the UK have developed quite sophisticated tax gap measures which indicate this is not the case. The news that OECD tax receipts are climbing is good news for the OECD governments and bad news for the tax lobby, which relies heavily for its funding and profile on persuading the public this is a much bigger problem than it really is.

Tax revenues bouncing back after the crisis

The same sources tend to exagerrate the impact of tax losses on developing countries, extrapolating speculative assumptions of illicit activity based on already unreliable WTO estimates.

Of course governments have a legitimate right to collect the taxes due to them. But no government interest is well served through acting on unreliable and inaccurate information masquerading as research, which is in reality lobbying propaganda designed to keep the grant aid coming through the door.



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