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Jersey Finance will be holding a breakfast event, from 8am – 10am, on 25 June in London to look at the opportunities available for investment into Africa.

Last November, Jersey Finance launched the ‘Value to Africa’ report, at Chatham House, which was commissioned to look at the role international financial centres could play in the growth of developing countries. The report, conducted by independent research organisation, Capital Economics, found that, while Africa is one of the fastest growing regions globally, to sustain that growth it needs to invest US $85 trn in infrastructure by 2040. This cannot be generated locally or through international aid, with the research paper estimating a shortfall of US $11.4 trn in investment, US $6.1 trn of which will need to come from outside the continent.

Building on these findings, the Africa Investment Seminar, will look at the need for the continent to achieve investment alongside how international finance centres can acts as conduits. In addition, Jersey Finance’s latest research report, ‘Jersey’s Value to FDI’, produced by global management advisory firm, Investment Consulting Associates, which analyses Jersey’s competitiveness in attracting and mobilising foreign direct investment, will be introduced.

The breakfast event will comprise of an introduction and welcome, a keynote speech from Senator Philip Ozouf, Government of Jersey, Mark Pragnell, of Capital Economics, an introduction to ‘Jersey’s Value to FDI’ from Geoff Cook, Jersey Finance CEO, and a panel session.



08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:30 Welcome – Geoff Cook, CEO, Jersey Finance

08:35 Jersey's Wider Links with Africa – Senator Philip Ozouf, Assistant Chief Minister, Government of Jersey

08:50 Jersey for FDI – Geoff Cook

09:00 Value to Africa Report Overview – Mark Pragnell, Capital Economics

09:20 Panel session followed by Q&A

09:45 Closing Remarks


For more information on the ‘Value to Africa’ report click here.