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The conference will deliver expert insights from senior policy-makers and key stakeholders on the illicit finance landscape to determine effective approaches for both public and private actors. 

Our CEO, Geoff Cook, will be speaking on the topic of Forms and Responses, which will assess specific forms of illicit financial flows, exploring their regional significance and identifying effective national and international responses to combat them. Questions include:

  • Where are flows coming from, and where are they going? Where can the most effective interventions be made? 
  • How have anti-corruption efforts advanced since the May 2016 international anti-corruption summit?  How can these efforts be sustained and augmented? 
  • What are the consequences of illicit capital flight from developing countries? What forms have these taken, and how can this inform regional disruption strategies?
  • How can law enforcement and financial institutions collaborate effectively to combat human trafficking and illegal wildlife trade? 
  • Which banking practices have proven most successful in identifying different forms of illicit flows? How can these behaviours be effectively implemented and leveraged? 
  • How can policy-makers encourage information sharing between different actors across borders? Where might this yield the greatest gains?  
  • How have illicit finance networks evolved in recent years? Is it effective to approach illicit financial flows individually, or is a more holistic approach required? 

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