2021 marks 60 years since Jersey’s modern financial services industry put down roots and began its journey towards becoming the award-winning international finance centre it is today.

In this milestone year, Global Jersey – our annual day-long series of virtual events – will bring together a diverse range of internationally focused experts to discuss the vital role and positive impact Jersey has on global economies.

Following opening remarks by Joe Moynihan, our Chief Executive Officer, overviewing the trends, challenges and opportunities within Jersey’s key markets, our experts’ perspectives will cover key issues of today – women in wealth management, banking’s future, investment risk, private wealth and fund domiciliation decisions – before we look ahead to ‘The Next 60’ and the future of our world-leading international finance centre.

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9.00 am

Opening Remarks

  • Joe Moynihan, Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Finance
  • Allan Wood, Global Head of Business Development, Jersey Finance

Women Driving Wealth Management

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9.30 am
10.45 am

The Future Of Banking 

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Political Risk Minimization – Understanding Investor and Asset Protection

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12.00 pm
1.00 pm

Samantha Cohen, CEO at the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council

Break for Lunch

1.20 pm
2.00 pm

Positive Solutions – Resolving Conflict in the Private Wealth Sector

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Stability Meets Innovation in an Evolving Funds Landscape   

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3.15 pm
4.30 pm

The Next 60 Years

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Live-streamed Sessions End

5.30 pm
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