Jersey Finance is once again delighted to be Silver Sponsor of the Hubbis 8th annual event in Singapore for the Independent Wealth Management Community.

Has the EAM / IAM sector progressed as rapidly or as comprehensively as market participants expected? Are the IAMs as independent as they say they are? Are they transparent in their approach to clients, to fees, retrocessions and trailer fees? Are the IAMs truly offering dispassionate, objective advice and / or delivering outperformance? Can the IAMs attract the requisite quality of expertise and experience from the private banks so they can grow their platform?

In March – Hubbis will assemble a group of wealth management experts, all well-known leaders in their firms and in the industry, to discuss the role of the IAMs and whether they are living up to their own and the clients’ expectations.

Key elements of the event –

Identify success stories and best practices with more than 250+ leading independent wealth management colleagues
A meaningful get-together with top Asia-based Independent Asset Management Firms (IAM), External Asset Managers (EAM) and Multi-Family Offices (MFO)
Explore and foster industry collaboration with exciting and interactive panel discussions, focused presentations, workshops, head-to-head interviews, and more
An unprecedented opportunity to hear from more than 30 local and international speakers who are experts in this space
7 focused 10-minute presentations
5 Panel discussions
4 40-minute workshops

If this is an event that is of interest to you, please contact our events team to obtain a pass. Please note these complimentary passes are only available to members.