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Centred around the challenge of how to extract information from documents and data, in this recording of our event our guest speakers with longstanding expertise in financial services and AI cover:

  • Overview of AI technologies and their suitability within financial services
  • Discussion on opportunities for Jersey based finance firms and suitable use cases
  • Practical examples – unlocking insights from documents including demos which explore:
    • Using AI to ask questions in human language and gain meaningful answers from legal documents
    • How AI can be used to extract key information from your existing documents
  • Exploration of machine learning pipelines and how predictions are generated
  • Considerations for how to implement AI technology and what you need for a successful project
  • What next, where to go, and how to get your hands on the technology

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Phil Godley

Phil Godley Director & Advisor, Native Limited

Following a career in financial services, Phil is an investor, board member and advisor to growth companies. These include companies which have successfully solved unique business problems with enterprise artificial intelligence. Phil is a machine learning practitioner and has worked on global open source projects such as supporting the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) and the International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC) by utilising computer vision and machine learning to identify skin cancer in images of skin lesions.

Malcolm Mason

Malcolm Mason Cloud and Data Consultant

Malcolm is a Cloud and Data consultant, and also delivers training focusing on deep learning, more specifically the algorithms that underpin this area. Malcolm started his career as a programmer, and has subsequently held IT roles in Air Defence, Telecommunications, Cloud and Security. Post completing an MSc in IT, he has worked in Product Management focusing on Software, Cloud, Managed Security and Data, before moving back towards technology as a consultant in Cloud and Data.