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In recent years there has been an ongoing push by governments around the world to shine a light on who actually owns and/or benefits from companies and trusts.  The UK has adopted a pioneering approach to the introduction of beneficial ownership registers.

Given the bewildering array of overlapping initiatives, the aim of this seminar is to provide an overview of and to explore the interaction between

  • The register of Persons with Significant Control for UK companies, LLPs and SEs 
  • The register of taxable relevant trusts and the possible implications of the EU 5th AML Directive for trusts
  • The proposed register of beneficial owners of overseas companies and other legal entities that own UK properties

As the regimes for companies and trusts have been in force for some time now, our speakers will also explore some of the difficulties that have been experienced in practice as private clients and trustees seek to comply with the new rules.

The event will take place in the afternoon at the Pomme d’Or Hotel – registration 3.15pm.

CPD: 1 Hour

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