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Asia is the fastest growing economic area in the world and an important wealth management market. But it’s a different culture with different values bringing numerous challenges and opportunities for practitioners. This month’s speaker is Nick Jacob, a Partner at Forsters, who has a particular focus on acting for families in Asia, spending time in the region every month. In his talk Nick will examine the following:

  • What do we include in Asia?
  • Cultural issues in Asia.
  • Private Banking and Trust Companies in Asia.
  • The trust "product" in Asia and the appetite for trusts
  • The appetite for Foundations in East Asia
  • What do families need and want and do they even know what they want?
  • What can we offer them over the next 10 years and how do we get them to the table?

This seminar is a must for anyone already working with Asian clients or for those coming new to the market. To find out more about the STEP JERSEY event, please click here to visit the STEP website or click here to emai STEP Jersey.


Nick Jacob (Forsters)


Naomi Rive (Highvern Trustees)


Carey Olsen

RBC Wealth Management


Smith & Williamson

Stephenson Harwood



1 Hour