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The event entitled, 'The Six Month Brexit Countdown: is the PE community ready?' will be led by private equity professionals, to explore the impacts of Brexit on the industry, and to find out what steps ought to be taken before the March deadline. With particular focus on private equity operations, the panel will support attendees with key back office considerations ahead of Brexit, including dealing with concerns around fund domiciles and structures.

Discussion topics include:

  • How much of an impact is Brexit likely to have on the PE industry, and it what ways?
  • Are PE firms looking at March 2019 as a key date, or is the transitional period giving them some comfort?
  • Are we likely to see any significant shifts in the European PE landscape as a result of Brexit?
  • What steps are PE managers looking at to address the challenges posed by Brexit?
  • How is Jersey positioned in relation to Brexit?
  • What sort of role can Jersey play in supporting UK and EU PE firms and investors?

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