Jersey has developed a respected funds sector that offers a broad range of fund regimes from regulated options through to the more sophisticated and institutional end of the market. The industry has a net asset value of £296 billion and has a total of 1,020 regulated collective investment funds* established. In more recent years, Jersey has evolved into a specialist centre for the alternative asset classes, including hedge, real estate and private equity funds, which account for around 70%* of its overall funds business.


Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Hedge Funds

Alternative investments have become increasingly popular as a way of reducing volatility in investment markets, and Jersey has attracted a significant number of venture capital, private equity, mezzanine, real estate, infastructure and hedge funds. For example, the net asset value of single class private equity funds under administration in Jersey stands at £46 billion*.


Fund Vehicles

Jersey has a range of fund and investment vehicles providing significant flexibility for investor needs. Jersey also continues to make enhancements to its laws and regulations in order to provide choice for investors and remain a leader in fund services.



Jersey has a legal, tax and regulatory framework which facilitates the continued functioning of the Jersey fund management and services industry under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. Jersey was the first 'third country' to offer a fully functional opt-in regime under AIFMD and a Jersey manager can establish different Jersey funds to access: 

  • The EU through National Private Placement Regimes
  • The 'rest of the world' through business as usual



Jersey offers easy and cost-effective marketing within the EU through National Private Placement Regimes (NPPRs). Also, because Jersey is not a Member State, it can provide effective out of the AIFMD scope solutions for marketing to the rest of the world.

NPPRs offer:

  • simplified regulatory obligations
  • familiarity outside the AIFMD for non-EU investors

To view Jersey Finance’s NPPR video or our interactive map showing which EU countries operate NPPRS click below:

Link to our NPPR interactive map


Find out more about the Jersey regime by reading our factsheet

You can find out more on where investors in Jersey funds are currently based in the KPMG report, ‘Analysis of the Jersey Alternative Funds Sector Investor Base’.

The Jersey Finance First for Funds factsheet


Experience and Expertise

Clients have access to legal support from experienced law firms that can advise on Jersey legal structures that will best suit investment strategies and on seeking appropriate regulatory approvals. Lawyers work closely with counterparts in all of the world’s major centres including London, China, India, and the Gulf region, to deliver structured products and specialist vehicles that meet a whole range of financial and investment objectives.


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Key Facts
  • Total funds business in Jersey is up 12% year on year
  • It stands at more than $385bn, with strong performances in private equity (up 38% annually) and hedge (down 3% annually)
  • The number of Jersey-based funds promoters has almost doubled in the last five years (source: Monterey Insight Jersey Funds Reports)
  • Significant capital is being raised from a wide range of EU countries. Jersey has seen a 14% annual increase in fund managers seeking authorisation to market funds into Europe (source: JSFC)

*Statistic correct as at June 2018


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