Gulf Cooperation Council States

The Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) comprises of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. Jersey Finance is proud to have been focussing our business development activities in these countries for over a decade. Our forward-thinking strategy led us to setting up a regional UAE office in 2011, working together for a better future for Jersey’s finance industry and regional investors. 

The GCC has experienced rapid growth and we are continuing to promote the depth and breadth of the expertise in Jersey’s finance industry, particularly in the banking, private wealth management and international finance areas. Vitally, there is a growing recognition in the Gulf for the need for substance, sound corporate governance and a robust legal jurisdiction, all areas where Jersey offers a huge amount of opportunity and support.

Primary objectives within these markets are to:

  • Clarify Jersey’s reputation as the international finance centre of choice for global investors - particularly in private wealth, banking and Islamic finance.
  • Communicate what sets Jersey apart from other international finance centre.


Establishing new links

Our focus is to develop new opportunities for Jersey firms in the GCC and together we are continually fostering new relationships for the benefit of Jersey Finance's Gulf focussed Member firms.


Working together - keep updated, join our GCC Community of Interest Group

Our business development directors provide bi-annual updates on GCC business development activities, events, visits and other marketing activities to our Community of Interest Group, which comprises of members of Jersey Finance who are focussed on doing business in the GCC.

To find out more about working together and joining this group, please contact: