A vast continent with huge potential, we’re proud to support Africa’s growing economy to bring stability and a clear path to a prosperous future.


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In brief Jersey finance firms play an increasingly vital role in working with and supporting the wealth management strategies of African private clients on the continent in South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria.

Together, we provide secure platforms that support future outbound African investment and encourage institutional investors to put their capital to work, through Jersey’s leading international finance centre.

Jersey plays a critical role as a facilitator of economic activity globally. Capital intermediated through Jersey supports £6 billion of Africa’s GDP and on average annually, between 2017 and 2020, capital intermediated in Jersey supported 916,000 jobs in Africa.

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Jersey’s Relationship with Africa
Jersey’s relationship with Africa is broad, deep, and based on shared interests. Over many decades, Jersey has built strong connections with Africa by supporting both inbound and outbound investment for private and institutional investors.
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Our Work with Africa:

  • Enhancements to Jersey’s charities law mean we can support philanthropic initiatives
  • To support private sector financing of infrastructure projects, Jersey provides a stable jurisdiction to raise capital
  • We’re developing new opportunities for Jersey firms in Africa and are continually fostering new relationships by attending, sponsoring or hosting multiple events throughout the continent, for the benefit of our Africa-focussed Member Firms
  • Jersey’s excellent relations with the City of London mean we’re able to offer a variety of structuring solutions to UK/Africa investment(s)
  • The Jersey authorities have sought to engage with the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) and other international bodies on how we can support developing countries to enhance their revenue, raising capacity and tackling issues of financial crime
  • Jersey has developed a significant tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) network with various jurisdictions including South Africa and Kenya.
  • The Jersey Financial Services Commission (Jersey’s regulator) has agreed a memorandum of understanding with the Bank Supervision Department of the South African Reserve Bank and the Financial Services Board of the Republic of South Africa
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Read the latest Africa-focussed financial services views aby reading our  thought leadership articles.

2022 Africa Round-up Interview Series
Faizal Bhana, Director – Middle East, Africa and India at Jersey Finance, hosts a series of podcast interviews with leading industry professionals from across Africa, as they take a look back at 2022.
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South African Fund Managers: Trends in Fund Domiciliation and Capital Raising
Produced by African Business Magazine, this report surveys more than 60 LPs and GPs globally and explores the emerging trends for fund domiciliation and capital raising, particularly as a route for private equity impact investing into the wider African continent.
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African Business Special Report on Jersey for South African Wealth Managers
Sponsored by Jersey Finance and first published in the June 2022 edition of African Business magazine, this eight-page special report explores why Jersey's international finance centre is fast becoming the number one choice for South African Wealth Managers.
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IFC Expertise Increasingly Vital in Supporting South Africa Ambitions
In the April 2020 issue of Africa Global Funds, our Global Head of Business Development Allan Wood explains how IFCs such as Jersey will have the potential to play an increasingly vital role in sourcing overseas capital securely and efficiently to ensure Africa can achieve its future aspirations.
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Jersey’s Value to Africa
Jersey Finance has commissioned respected independent research firm, Capital Economics, to identify what contribution Jersey can make to Africa and whether international finance centres can be a catalyst for growth in developing countries.
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Africa’s Jersey Connectivity

Jersey's Relationship with South Africa
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The symbiotic relationship between Jersey and South Africa is strong and well-established. Watch our short film featuring some leading experts in financial services to discover how Jersey supports the region.

Jersey's Relationship with East Africa
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Watch our short film featuring leading experts in Kenya to discover why Jersey’s international finance centre is of growing interest in the region.

South Africa and Jersey's Connectivity
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Watch our video to find out more about Jersey’s strong relationship with South Africa.

Jersey for South Africa Funds
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Watch this short video highlighting Jersey’s credentials for South African fund managers.

Working Together

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Our market development team provide bi-annual updates on Africa market development activities, events, visits and other marketing activities to our Community of Interest (CofI) Group, which comprises of Members of Jersey Finance who are focussed on doing business in Africa.

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