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Philanthropy and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

We’re proud to support individuals and organisations with their philanthropic and socially responsible investment (SRI) goals.

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In brief Jersey has extensive experience in providing the trusts, foundations, expertise and management that are vital for philanthropic activity, together with robust but flexible structures that help to maximise the benefits.

Alongside this, we have been active in the vital area of SRI for some time.

Philanthropy and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Factsheets ›

Keep up to date on the latest developments with our philanthropy and socially responsible investing (SRI) factsheets.

Jersey for Socially Responsible Investing
When it comes to selecting a jurisdiction for SRI, fund managers want a wide choice of structures that can be set up quickly, ideally in a tax-neutral location, where expertise is close at hand and disputes are easy to resolve. Reputation is key. Cost and convenience are critical. And familiarity is a reassuring bonus.

If you look at Jersey’s credentials, it’s clear that the Island meets every one of these criteria. These credentials, coupled with case studies from Jersey-based service providers and local organisations, show why Jersey is the clear choice for SRI.
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Our positive reputation, wide range of structures and forward-thinking expertise sets us apart as an industry leader in philanthropy.

Jersey’s trust law means we can adapt a range of structures to focus on philanthropic objectives, all offering a degree of flexibility. Our charitable trust is a particularly attractive option. For altruistic, but not directly charitable, objectives (including humanitarian, research and ecological causes), our non-charitable trusts are ideal structures.

The Jersey foundation has become a popular alternative to the trust structure. A foundation can be created for charitable or non-charitable purposes, or a mixture of both.

As well as flexibility, foundations have additional appeal:

  • They offer infinite duration
  • They’re clearly and unambiguously registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission
  • Their council of members structures are flexible in terms of composition
  • They provide a ‘guardian’ safeguard, making certain that the council of members maintain a clear charitable focus

In fact, Jersey Foundations are now so popular that over 370 have been established since their launch in 2009. Around a third of these are set up for philanthropic purposes.

Jersey’s Charities Law

Jersey’s Charities Law, which recently opened for the registration of charities in Jersey, is modern and sophisticated, and caters for the needs of small local charities, as well as global philanthropic enterprises. The frameworks provided by the Law are unique and flexible, whilst they provide appropriate levels of governance and accountability. Read our Charities Law factsheet.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Jersey has been active in this vital area for some time. SRI, and particularly impact investing, is experiencing strong growth globally.

From a private wealth perspective, inter-generational wealth transfers are fuelling this growth. We’re ready and well positioned to accommodate this ongoing expansion, with our investment advisors and family offices developing their offerings to meet demand. In the funds sector, fund managers are reviewing their products, domiciles and fund administration solutions in line with the critical success factors demanded by impact investing. This is creating clear opportunities for Jersey.

Put simply, we are certain that we have solid foundations on which to build a strong platform for attracting funds and clients to the SRI space.

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