For more than 60 years, Jersey has been working with high-net-worth families and individuals to help them realise their wealth ambitions. In doing so, we know confidentiality is vital for family offices and private wealth management in general.

Jersey’s financial and legal service providers understand clients’ aspirations for privacy and protection from the risks associated with public transparency, and work to the highest regulatory standards to achieve this.

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What Jersey-based family offices say

Principal of Family B: “Absolute confidentiality is very important for the family as well as providing asset protection. Family B have employed local, qualified, experienced employees who have maintained the confidentiality expected when dealing with the family’s wealth.”



Family member and Principal of Family E: “Family offices can choose to have privacy in Jersey or they can go out and build a network really quickly.”

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Over the last decade, Jersey has seen a significant increase in the number of family offices, not only establishing on-Island, but also migrating to Jersey from other jurisdictions.

To help us better understand the mindset of today’s family office, we worked closely with some local family offices to listen to their personal experiences and to understand the rational behind establishing their businesses in Jersey as a leading international finance centre.

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