Jersey has direct flights to key UK business centres, facilitating fast and frequent travel opportunities to major European and worldwide destinations.

Location and transport links are some of the reasons Jersey’s 13,700+ industry professionals call Jersey home. Jersey overlaps with both east and west time zones –  a clear advantage for an international finance centre.

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What Jersey-based family offices say

Principal of Family C: “Jersey feels like an extension of London - I can leave Jersey and fly to London and be at the London family office within 2 ½ hours. The family members also visit often and can fly commercially or fly over in their private plane.”



Principal of Family D: “We chose Jersey over the other Channel Islands due to the frequent flight connections to the UK and access to mainland Europe.”



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Over the last decade, Jersey has seen a significant increase in the number of family offices, not only establishing on-Island, but also migrating to Jersey from other jurisdictions.

To help us better understand the mindset of today’s family office, we worked closely with some local family offices to listen to their personal experiences and to understand the rational behind establishing their businesses in Jersey as a leading international finance centre.

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