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We’re proud to support individuals and organisations with their sustainable objectives.

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Sustainable finance is a major force across global financial markets


global estimated value of sustainable finance assets in 2018


increase in global sustainable finance assets between 2016 and 2018

In brief Sustainable finance integrates environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions in order to achieve a lasting positive impact, as well as a financial return.
Our Vision and Strategy
Jersey for Good – A Sustainable Future
Jersey has a responsibility to leverage its expertise and capital to support the transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable global economy. Jersey for Good - A Sustainable Future outlines our long-term strategy and vision, as well as an initial wo-year plan to accelerate our journey towards a sustainable future.
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Sustainable Finance Spectrum

The sustainable finance spectrum ranges from negative screening (where the primary focus is to achieve a financial return, while also making a positive impact) to impact investing (where the primary focus is to achieve a positive impact, while also making a financial return).

Negative screening

Exclude certain investments from a portfolio, based on specific ESG criteria (e.g. tobacco companies)

ESG Integration

Include ESG credentials as a factor when performing the financial analysis of an investment

Norms-Based Screening

Screen investments to ensure their minimum standards of business practice meet international norms and standards (such as those issued by the OECD, UN and UNICEF)

Positive Screening

Invest in sectors, companies or projects which have the best ESG practices amongst industry peers

Sustainability-Themed Investing

Invest in sectors, companies or projects specifically related to sustainability (such as clean energy, green technology or sustainable agriculture)

"Pure" Impact Investing

Invest in sectors, companies or projects which will have the greatest social or environmental impact

Priority: Financial Priority Priority: Impact
Jersey for Sustainable Finance

Jersey has been active in this vital area for some time. Sustainable finance, and particularly impact investing, is experiencing strong growth globally.

From a private wealth perspective, inter-generational wealth transfers are fuelling this growth. We’re ready and well positioned to accommodate this ongoing expansion, with our investment advisors and family offices developing their offerings to meet demand.

In the funds sector, fund managers are reviewing their products, domiciles and fund administration solutions in line with the critical success factors demanded by sustainable investing. This is creating clear opportunities for Jersey.

Put simply, we are certain that we have the solid foundations with which to support businesses and investors with their sustainable finance goals.

Jersey for Sustainable Finance
When it comes to selecting a jurisdiction for sustainable finance, clients want a wide choice of structures that can be set up quickly, ideally in a tax-neutral location, where expertise is close at hand and disputes are easy to resolve. Reputation is key. Cost and convenience are critical. And familiarity is a reassuring bonus.

If you look at Jersey’s credentials, it’s clear that the Island meets every one of these criteria. These credentials, coupled with case studies from Jersey-based service providers and local organisations, show why Jersey is the clear choice for sustainable finance.
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Our Credentials
Wide Range of Flexible Structures

As a forward-thinking jurisdiction, Jersey prides itself on its product and service innovation; it has developed a range of competitive, flexible structures that can be adapted to meet philanthropic and sustainable investment objectives including trusts, foundations and a variety of fund structures.

Well-Developed Legal System

Our legal framework provides vital support to our finance industry, making sure that we stay flexible and attractive to domestic and international markets. We operate on common law principles, which provides significant comfort to European and US investors.

Central and Connected

Jersey is easily accessible from the UK and Europe, and is based in a central time zone that makes it easy to work with both west and east, meaning it can support investors from across the globe.

Fund Administration Excellence

Jersey is particularly strong in the servicing of alternative investments. Fund and corporate vehicles established and administered in Jersey invest in a wide range of high value alternative investments across multiple economies. The significant skills and expertise of Jersey’s service providers, particularly in relation to more complex alternative investments, contribute to business efficiency and risk management, as do the networks that exist between the various service providers.

Knowledge and Expertise

Jersey has one of the largest numbers of finance industry professionals of any international finance centre, giving it a vast pool of expertise. Its near 14,000 professionals, including trust practitioners, fund specialists, accountants, lawyers, advisors and administrators, make up almost a quarter of the Island’s total workforce. This deep pool of skilled professionals provides the range of expertise necessary for the establishment and servicing of a variety of structures to support sustainable objectives.

World-Class Private Wealth Capabilities

For almost 60 years, Jersey has been establishing structures for high net worth (HNW) families and individuals. So why do clients select Jersey to support their wealth management needs? Jersey offers choice. It has a robust, sophisticated and forward-thinking legal framework that enables it to lead the way in delivering private client services – from simple trusts and underlying company structures, to high value and more complex arrangements involving trusts, companies, limited partnerships and foundations for international families.The stability and quality of Jersey’s trust law, a template adopted by many other jurisdictions worldwide, remains highly attractive to international private wealth clients.

Well-Regulated and Politically Stable

Jersey is a self-governing British Crown Dependency with autonomy over its domestic affairs. Its robust regulatory framework and political and economic stability have helped keep the jurisdiction at the forefront of global finance for almost 60 years.

Global Presence and Connections

Jersey has excellent relations with key markets in the Gulf region, Asia, India and Africa. These connections are strengthened by our global presence, with offices in Jersey, Dubai, Hong Kong and New York; representation in London; and virtual offices in Shanghai and Mumbai. In the Gulf region, Jersey’s experience and expertise in Islamic finance ensures that structures can be established effectively in a Shariah-compliant manner.

Approachable and Responsive Regulator

Jersey’s range of regulatory options allows managers to choose a funds regime suited to their target investors. These regimes are overseen by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) – a pragmatic, very approachable and responsive regulator. The Island’s globally recognised regulator works closely with industry and the Government of Jersey to develop the innovative products needed by the finance sector both at home and internationally.

Sustainable Finance Case Studies
Jersey Fund for a Wilder World
The Jersey Fund for a Wilder World is a voluntary scheme, where funds businesses with a sustainable focus can donate a portion of the annual fees earned from included SRI entities to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. It enables funds sector providers and intermediaries to contribute to Durrell’s projects, effecting positive change and providing for those investors wanting to make a difference with their money.
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Our Work
In Conversation: Sustainable Finance with Matthew Clegg and David Postlethwaite
In this video, David Postlethwaite, our sustainable finance lead, speaks to Matthew Clegg, Senior Manager at Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), about Jersey’s evolving regulatory landscape and what this means for sustainable investing.
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Virtuous Circles: Sustainable Family Governance Models in an Evolving Environment
Produced in partnership with WealthBriefing, our 'Virtuous Circles' research report surveyed and interviewed family governance experts internationally to discover how sustainability and ESG priorities are playing out in the UHNW space.
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Sustainable Finance Focus: Episode Two – Reconciling Profit and Purpose
In this second episode of our Sustainable Finance Focus podcast series, David Postlethwaite, Sustainable Finance Lead at Jersey Finance, speaks to Euan Dangerfield, Client Director at Cazenove Capital, about what it really means to embed sustainability into investment decisions. 
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Sustainable Finance Focus: Episode One – Green Bonds 
In episode one of our Sustainable Finance Focus podcast series, David Postlethwaite, Sustainable Finance Lead at Jersey Finance, speaks to Simon Felton, Partner at Ogier, and Kay McCarthy, Head of the Jersey Office at TISE, on the subject of green bonds.
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Videos: Jersey for Good – Stakeholder Insights
Following the launch of our sustainable finance strategy, these short videos provide insights from some of our key partners in government, the regulator and industry.
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Crown Agents and COVID-19
In this episode of the Jersey Heard podcast, we speak to Fergus Drake, CEO of Crown Agents, and his colleague Bryan Richmond, Regional Director - East & Southern Africa, about who Crown Agents are, how they are responding to COVID-19, and the economic impact of the coronavirus in Africa.
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