Jersey’s finance industry has over the years succeeded in cementing its position as a forward-thinking jurisdiction, working with a network of firms that are active in markets around the world, from the Americas and Europe, to Africa and Asia. As a result, a career in Jersey’s finance industry has become an increasingly attractive option, offering those who work in it a huge amount of opportunity to broaden their horizons, to work with some fantastic people and to make a positive difference to the Island. The thousands of individuals working in the finance industry have an immense pride when it comes to their contribution to Island life, with the industry itself having a positive effect thanks to the jobs and revenue it creates.

We are always looking to the future and with that in mind, Jersey Finance has created a beneficial scheme, Life in Finance, that brings A Level students and Member firms together. 

The Life in Finance scheme, for year 12 students, includes:

  • A ‘Meet & Greet’ event that offers students an opportunity to sit down with Member firms and discuss what a placement with them would entail and more broadly gives students first hand interview experience. 
  • A one to two-week work experience placement with a Member firm for students to gain a vital overview of the industry and acquire valuable knowledge and experience for the duration of the placement.

There are additional opportunities to participate in an article about the Life in Finance initiative which is published in the Jersey Evening Post in September of each year. 
Those Members who have taken part genuinely embrace the creativity and enthusiasm our young people can offer. It means that young people can look to the future with more certainty around their career options, and that firms can focus on the talent that is already available locally.

If you have any questions about our Life in Finance programme, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help

Take Part in 2018


Our education ambassadors, Amari Hernandez and Josh Bisson, will be visiting schools this autumn to introduce students to the Life in Finance scheme, discuss future career options in the finance industry, as well as other beneficial information.

If you would like to take part in this year's scheme, please download and complete the application form and return to Amari Hernandez by Friday 26 January.

If you have signed up to the Life in Finance scheme, please register to attend the Meet and Greet event on Tuesday 20 March here.


If you are a Member firm who would like to take part in the scheme then please contact Amari Hernandez to be registered.

Members that took part in 2017 are as follows:

  • Alter Domus
  • Aqua Group
  • Barclays
  • BNP Paribas
  • Canaccord
  • Link Asset Services
  • First Names Group
  • Goldmoney
  • Hawksford
  • Higvern
  • Intertrust
  • IPES
  • Jersey Finance
  • Jersey International Business School
  • JTC Group
  • KPMG
  • Lloyds
  • Mourant Ozannes
  • Ogier
  • PraxisIFM
  • PwC
  • RSM Channel Island
  • Saltgate
  • TISE
  • Whitmill
  • Zedra


Life in Finance 2017

This year's scheme saw 36 students undergo work experience placements in 25 Member firms and we wish to increase the success for next year's scheme.

The feedback we received from both Members and students this year continues to illustrate the success of our scheme. Read more about this year's scheme in our 2017 JEP spread.


Life in Finance 2016

Yet another succesful year for Life in Finance! Through the scheme we successfully placed 41 students within 20 financial organisations, where students undertook placements in a range of different areas of finance.

Yet again, we received fantastic feedback from both the students and firms involved. To see the comments we received for this year’s scheme, as well as a general overview of the scheme itself, please view our Life in Finance 2016 JEP supplement.

Life in Finance 2015

This year's scheme was even more successful than the last; with an increase in applications, placements, and firms taking part. The 47 students lucky enough to secure themselves a placement were hosted within 27 finance industry organisations.

The feedback we recieved from the students this year continues to illustrate the success of our scheme. Take a look at some of their comments yourself from this year's JEP spread.


Life in Finance 2014

The Life in Finance scheme 2014 was the most successful year at date, with 42 students hosted within 22 member firms. 

The quality of the students was well recognised by participating member firms, and the feedback that was received from the students was evidence that their placements where a valuable and worthwhile experience, that enabled them to gain transferable skills, and evolve their knowledge about Jersey's leading sector - the finance industry. 

Here is the JEP centre page spread for 2014


Life in Finance 2013

Life in Finance 2013 saw 28 students partaking in work experience schemes in 18 member firms. 

Jersey Evening Post student snapshots

The Life in Finance spread that was published in the JEP on Tuesday 6 August 2013.

Students from the 2013 Life in Finance scheme
Students from the 2013 Life in Finance scheme at the Introduction Meeting, Pomme d'Or