Abbey International has reported strong levels of interest in its latest round of medium term fixed rate accounts over both three and five year terms. The five year account is a Best Buy according to Moneyfacts (source and offers clients a return of 4.25% gross/ AER over five years. Abbey International is also offering a further Moneyfacts best buy with its offshore three year fixed rate bond paying 3.85% gross/AER. Head of Client Experience Jane Matthews comments, “In the past, it has been unusual to see strong interest in longer term fixed rate savings when interest rates are at a low point in the cycle and are predicted to rise. However, both our three and five year offshore fixed rate Bonds have seen strong demand, which may well be a reaction to the fact that UK Base Rate is expected to remain at a low level by many commentators for some time yet.” Applicants wishing to open a five year account will also need to open an Abbey International sterling Call Account to receive their annual interest, but as the Call Account is a no notice account offering unlimited access to funds, clients will then enjoy easy access to interest received. The minimum balance required to open the 5 year account is £50,000. The three year account has a minimum balance requirement of £100,000, with interest again paid away annually. Both accounts are being marketed on a limited offer basis, so will be withdrawn when fully subscribed. For further information on banking with Abbey International in Jersey call + 44 (0)1534 828 828 or log onto