The junior Jersey Irish GAA and Guernsey Gaels teams came together for the opening leg of the inaugural Gaelic football Muratti on Saturday 31st May.  

ABN AMRO Bank Jersey is the official kit sponsor for the junior Jersey team, also known as the ‘Youngstars’.  

The mini tournament, which saw the two sides fielding teams at U13 and U10 level, provided a fun-filled day of competitive sport between the two rival islands.  

The U13 match was a close affair and ended as a draw. Jersey GAA led by 5 points to 2 points at half time, but the Guernsey Gaels fought back in the second half to earn a well deserved draw (7 points all).  

The U10s competition saw Jersey GAA field three teams and the Guernsey Gaels one team in a mini tournament between themselves. All matches were close, with many of the participants playing in their first competitive match.  

ABN AMRO Bank Jersey’s sponsorship of the Jersey GAA forms part of the banking group’s 40th anniversary celebrations and their on-going commitment to providing local children with opportunities to take up a new sport and encourage physical activity.  

ABN AMRO Bank Jersey, which is the longest established Continental European bank in the Channel Islands and has had a presence in Jersey for 40 years, has also supported local tennis club, Les Mielles, for more than eight years, funding the club's growing junior schemes.  

‘I am delighted that we are able to support the growth of grassroots sports clubs in Jersey. It is extremely important that youngsters are given the opportunity to try out new activities and promote the wellbeing of individuals through participation in physical activity. It is a special year for ABN AMRO Bank Jersey as we are celebrating our 40th year in Jersey and we wanted to provide a number of initiatives throughout 2014 that demonstrates our on-going commitment to the local community,’ said Noel McLaughlin, CFO and head of product and product solutions at ABN AMRO Bank Jersey.  

Junior council chairman at Jersey GAA, Sean Killian, said: ‘Gaelic football is growing in popularity throughout Europe, with more and more of the European clubs developing their youth structures to compete in tournaments throughout the continent over the next few years. Thanks to the support of our sponsors such as ABN AMRO Bank Jersey, we are able to continue to develop the sport in Jersey and get more youngsters into the sport from an early age.’  

The second leg of the Muratti will see the Jersey GAA travel to Guernsey in September for the deciding fixture.