Jersey International Business School is pleased to announce that they are 7city Learning’s preferred partner for the Channel Islands.

In conjunction with 7city, the Business School is offering its clients online CPD gap fill modules in order to meet RFA/RDR gap fill requirements. The biggest change to regulations within the investment industry will come about at the end of 2012 in the UK, when the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) comes in to force. This will be followed soon after in Jersey under the JFC’s Review of Financial Advice (RFA) where the deadline to be compliant is the end of 2013.

Politicians and regulators are keen to protect consumers, and so the RDR/RFA will ensure that there is a complete overhaul on how investment product advice is given, along with ensuring a clearer regulation over pricing structure. Since time is moving along quite quickly, and some of the qualifications take 12months to complete, the pressure is now on for students. Time is precious and even more so in these challenging economic times where there is extra pressure on employees to produce results. Therefore, one solution to help investment specialists to achieve their compliance is to ‘fill the gap’ with online learning, which can be taken from their desk.

Chris Usher, Senior Lecturer said: “None of the routes to compliance are easy and all the exams are challenging.The gap-fill option is available for students with transitional qualifications who need to top up with structured CPD. This is one option available to achieve RFA/RDR compliance, and extremely accessible.”

As part of the RFA, there are some qualifications that require retail advisers to complete “gap fill” in order to fully meet the requirements set out by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. These knowledge gaps must be filled through structured CPD (Continuing Professional Development) top up and a record of this kept in order to demonstrate full compliance. Jersey International Business School has formed a partnership with 7city to offer CPD gap fill portals to its clients who are requiring a flexible, yet traceable, solution to their gap fill requirements.