The kitchen is the first of its kind and brings together Caring Cooks’ Kitchen Garden Project and Let’s Get Cooking Programme in the outdoors. There are over 200 children at Samares School, and 25% of those have a special educational need, which can often mean that they can find a conventional classroom challenging and need other opportunities for learning – the garden and new outdoor kitchen provide just that. 

This is a ‘plant to plate’ project designed to provide the children with the essential tools and skills they need to grow food from seed and prepare nutritious meals from scratch – equipping them with some of life’s most valuable skills.

Appleby Partner Tim Hart commented: “Appleby is delighted to sponsor the build of the Kitchen Garden at Samares School, which will provide a wonderful alternative learning experience for their pupils.  We had a wonderful evening and were able to sample some of the great food the children created.“

Melissa Nobrega, Founder and Chief Executive of Caring Cooks added: “Learning about food and nutrition and being able to cook simple healthy meals from scratch is crucial learning for children of this age, but we recognise that every child is different and conventional classroom learning isn’t for every child. What the new outdoor growing space and kitchen will do is give opportunities that the school doesn’t currently have."

"Being able to go into the garden, pick herbs and vegetables from the beds, roll out dough and make a pizza outside, or collect eggs from the chickens and cook an omelette on the fire pit are engaging and stimulating learning experiences that children will never forget.  We are incredibly grateful to Appleby for sponsoring the kitchen and we hope it will be the first of many in our Island’s primary schools.”