Since JGD started in 2009, over 7,000 children have benefited from free professional coaching through JGD’s activities in 34 schools, sports festivals, golf festivals, health & fitness days, and with local Cubs and Brownie packs.  Demand for the Group’s work has grown very quickly, mainly due to the success and positive feedback it has achieved in every school it has visited.

Head Professional at JGD, Wayne Osmand, said “We are passionate about building relationships with Jersey schools, community projects, and youth clubs.  This commitment from Appleby means that the Group’s work will continue well into the future.

“We will continue to work very closely with the States of Jersey Education, Sports and Culture (ESC) department in selecting schools that will benefit from professional coaching in their curriculum. We are also really excited to be able to use Appleby’s sponsorship to extend the really successful ‘Street Golf’.  This initiative was originally developed with ESC to offer young teenagers different sports on a Friday night through the Winter months.  Now we will be able to continue with this idea at the Millenium Park during the Summer term.”

Appleby Jersey Office Managing Partner, Michael Cushing, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Jersey Golf Development.  JGD takes an innovative approach to developing youth interest in the sport through its work with schools, clubs and associations.  In particular, it provides an opportunity for young people to benefit from professional coaching in an accessible, safe and fun environment.  Providing sponsorship for the next three years will enable the JGD to continue and further develop its excellent work and we are very pleased to be associated with them.”

Wayne Osmand added, “Without the help of our sponsors including Appleby, The Vardon Trust, Variety Club, Golf Foundation UK, and ESC, Jersey children simply wouldn’t get this opportunity.  We are very grateful for all the continued support and generosity we get from these organisations.”