Appleby has been ranked number one in The Lawyer’s Offshore Survey for the second year in a row. The legal services provider is also expected to be the first of the offshore law groups to reach one hundred partners.

The survey ranks companies by number of partners and Appleby, whose Group partners have increased by 8 in the past year, was well ahead of its competitiors. The Group now boasts 82 partners throughout its 12 offices and also has the largest number of fee earners. The survey went on to suggest that offshore legal providers are likely to continue to grow due to the constant need for their services – and that it will not be long before the first offshore provider reaches 100 partners.

Interestingly, the survey also touched on the proportion of female partners in each company with Appeby close to the top, only outdone by Crill Canavan, where women make up 33% of the partnership as opposed to Appleby’s 28%.

Michael O’Connell, Managing Partner of Appleby in Jersey said: “This is an interesting survey because it highlights the growth of the offshore legal sector as a whole – and also shows that the future is bright for our industry. I was very pleased to see the Appleby Group at the top of the list. We have been working hard to cultivate a solid group of partners across all our jurisdications and this shows that our efforts have been successful. It is also interesting to see a growing number of women in the sector and it appears that this can only continue to grow as we build on a strong foundation."

“Having a global reach has proven to be extremely beneficial to our clients – we are still the only international offshore legal group that is able to offer legal advice in all three Crown Dependencies.”