An informative article by Philip Pirecki, our Business Development lead for the Americas, has been published by Alternatives Watch, a popular news platform in the United States on alternative investments, geared toward institutional investors.

The article, ‘US Investors Have a New Barrier of Entry to Europe’, discusses the new set of marketing rules that the European Union (EU) put into force last year and how they are changing how US-based investment managers approach foreign capital.

The EU Cross Border Distribution Fund Directive 2019/1160, along with EU Regulation 2019/1156, was issued to remove regulatory confusion and the complications of cross-border marketing of alternative investment funds (AIFs) within the EU.

In the article, Philip highlights:

  • The key away from the ‘Pre-Marketing Rules’
  • What pre-marketing means under the rules
  • In which circumstances the rules apply

The article then looks at what all this means for reverse solicitation and for the US managers that rely on it.

You can read the full article here.

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