Ashburton Investments, the asset management business of the FirstRand Group, today announces that its Global Energy Fund has been given the highest rating by investment research company Morningstar.

The Luxembourg domiciled UCITS Fund, which is managed in Jersey by Richard Robinson, is ranked number one in its peer group since inception in its sector (C share class) and now has assets of US$40 million under management.

Fund Manager Richard Robinson, energy specialist at Ashburton for the past 12 years, said “We are pleased that the Global Energy Fund has been recognised by Morningstar for its performance during all three of oil’s cyclical phases since launch. Finding opportunity in the down phase of the price cycle is just as important as during the up phase”.

“We believed that the need to manage the cyclicality of the oil price cycle should be placed at the core of the Fund’s investment process”.

“With 60% of the world’s energy and 97% of transport being powered by oil and gas, understanding the oil market is key to creating outperformance in this sector.  In order to take advantage of the Energy Sector’s long term opportunities, it is critical to manage the increasing cyclicality over the medium term”.

“Over the past six months we have become extremely optimistic regarding the outlook for global energy markets and believe that the Ashburton Global Energy Fund is well placed to capitalise on these opportunities and offers investors access to a growing energy market.”


Morningstar, founded in 1984, awards a fund between one and five stars based on how well it’s performed versus category peers with the top 10% in each category receiving five stars.

The Fund, part of the Ashburton Investments Luxembourg-domiciled SICAV range, also recently launched sterling share classes to provide better investor access via several platforms.


Richard Robinson, Ashburton Investments

Richard Robinson