Colin Macdonald Smith, who used to work at Aztec Group in Jersey, set up the charity in 2012 in honour of his younger brother, Christopher Douglas Smith, who passed away after a battle with a rare form of Osteosarcoma. Colin aims to run the Berlin Marathon seventeen times to mark the age of his brother when he passed away, and this year was the fourth time taking part.

The team from Aztec, along with Colin, completed the marathon in good time and have exceeded their fundraising total of £10,000, with a total of £11,780 raised so far. The team members’ times ranged from three hours and thirty-four minutes to five hours and thirty-five minutes.

Tom Wilkinson, Marketing Manager, Aztec Group said: ‘It was a fantastic experience and we are very proud to have raised so much for such a worthy cause. The Berlin Marathon is great fun, with supportive crowds and DJs on the side of the track to keep you going, we definitely plan to return next year. Aztec Group places a strong focus on supporting causes that are important to our staff, and Unite Against Cancer is one of those charities that deserves every penny.’

Colin Macdonald Smith, Founder of Unite Against Cancer, also commented: ‘We are so grateful for all the support we receive from Aztec Group, and the money raised from the Berlin Marathon will go a long way in helping the charity move forwards. Unite Against Cancer currently funds a cancer research Masters scholarship at the University of Glasgow, and is also in the process of producing various publications to educate people about the prevention of cancer, so the money raised will really make a difference. Next year is the five-year anniversary of the charity, and of the passing of Christopher, so we will be running the marathon again to mark the occasion and I am so pleased Aztec will be there to join me.’