A new office for Deloitte has been created utilising the latest design thinking and reflects how the firm, and the wider working culture, has been transformed in recent years.   The new office, a bespoke interior design for Deloitte, is in Gaspe House, on the exact site of their former Esplanade premises.  

The world of work is changing, as are Deloitte’s business requirements. The in-house design team used the latest research and thinking into different types of spaces and new ways of working. The new office provides greater freedom and choice for employees to work in ways that best suit them. From private telephone booths, flexible project meeting rooms with moveable walls, touchdown bars and meeting pods to standing desks and a wellness room, the office space meets multiple needs and reflects both the diversity of the firm's people and the flexibility afforded to staff through its agile working policy.  

Greg Branch, Partner in Charge of Jersey, comments: ‘The new office reflects the considerable change to our working practices over the last few years as our agile working policy has transformed our working culture and empowered all our staff. For example, many of our people spend significant time, travelling, remote working or on site with clients so we need fewer desks; this means we’ve been able to significantly increase the number of meeting spaces we have for team-working, impromptu chats and brainstorms, training sessions and also for hosting clients. We can already see how the greater number of meeting spaces is further improving our connectedness, our efficiency of delivery, as well as creating more and learning and coaching opportunities for our staff. The decision for Partners and Directors to also hot desk along with all staff has been a natural next step for us.’  

Key to the success of the office design are digitally-based innovations such as the touchpad “real time” meeting booking systems that allows all staff can ‘grab’ and book out a room in seconds as well as surround sound video conferencing facilities and extensive use of Skype for business.  

Another benefit of reduced desking is the provision of a wellness room. Designed to have multiple uses from supporting nursing mothers to offering space for prayer, it reflects the development of a culture focused on wellbeing and mental as well as physical health. Earlier in the year, 12 staff from all areas of the business completed a Mental Health First Aid Lite course delivered through Mind Jersey, the firm’s chosen charity for 2016–2019. The firm also delivers regular wellbeing weeks, training on mental wellbeing and on-site massage appointments.
Continuing the wellbeing theme, staff now have improved shower facilities to encourage more people to take time out for physical exercise whether that’s cycling into and home from work, or a run or swim or gym class during the day.

Helen Gale, Partner and Mental Health Champion for Deloitte’s Jersey office, explains: ‘It’s a cliché, but it is true that our people are absolutely our most important asset, and we take our responsibility to look after them very seriously. It is also well documented that many of the initiatives Deloitte runs, and the additional ideas we have put in place in our office, really do have a positive impact on staff attrition rates, reduce absence due to sickness and increase the productivity of our staff. We’ve taken the opportunity for change presented by the new office space and tried to squeeze as many benefits as possible out of the move.’