Stephen Baker, Senior Partner of Baker & Partners, has been recognised by the International Bar Association (IBA), the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies, having been appointed Senior Vice Chair of its Asset Recovery Subcommittee.

The appointment serves as global peer recognition of Stephen’s expertise in asset recovery, an area which Baker & Partners specialise in.

During his two-year appointment, Stephen will have the opportunity to engage with the IBA’s global membership of 80,000 law professionals by helping to carry out and promote the organisation’s activities. In his role as Senior Vice Chair, Stephen will take responsibility for curating and chairing asset recovery sessions for IBA annual conferences. He will also work alongside officers of other IBA committees to identify and lead projects and specialist conferences throughout the year.

The Asset Recovery Subcommittee is one of four subcommittees under the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee. The Committees provide an international forum for practitioners to discuss anti-corruption laws, compliance practices, enforcement trends, asset recovery issues, and other new developments in the ever-evolving area of anti-corruption.

Stephen will be contributing to the next IBA bi-annual, mid-year meeting in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 25th-27th May. He will also contribute to the next IBA Annual Conference which is due to take place in Sydney, Australia, 8th-13th October.

Stephen Baker, commented:

“The IBA’s committees and subcommittees provide an invaluable service to practitioners worldwide by providing a steady stream of insights into the latest developments in international law. Sharing ideas and engaging with each other facilitates the spread of knowledge and best practice, and will essentially help us to improve law on a global scale. It is a privilege to accept the position of Senior Vice Chair of the Asset Recovery Subcommittee, and to have been recognised by the IBA in this way. I look forward to carrying out my duties during the next two-years of my appointment.”

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