Following a substantial donation from Barclays Wealth in 2009, staff at the UK’s largest wealth manager feel so passionate about local charity, Headway, that they’ve donned walking boots and baked cakes to help raise a further £3,300 for the head injury support organisation.

In November 2009, Headway secured £4,500 funding through the Barclays Wealth Community Awards to enable the charitable group to buy much needed equipment for its crafts programme which enables service users to spend one day per week creating items which are sold through the charity’s shop. Having got to know more about the charity during the awards process, Barclays Wealth staff committed to helping Headway further as part of the organisation’s awareness week, Action for Brain Injury, raising a further £3,300.

Ray Cooper, Chief Executive Officer for Headway, commented:

‘We are thrilled that generous Barclays Wealth staff have managed to raise £3,300 for Headway! We were delighted to secure the Barclays Wealth funding required to roll out our crafts workshop initiative at the Barclays Wealth Community Awards at the end of 2009 and this further support will enable us to keep the new initiatives going in a very difficult year for fundraising. This £3,300 will be used to fund these initiatives that have been introduced in the last year and which have helped to improve our members lives.’

Beth Gallichan, Headways Fundraiser added:

‘The craft initiative provides service users the opportunity to develop skills while helping them to feel a sense of achievement on completion of each item created. The crafts workshop produces quality goods for sale in our charity shop or through our website and thanks to the funding for the new sewing machines from Barclays Wealth we now have modern machines that don’t break down every 10 minutes.’

Starting as a small support group for a few families, Headway Jersey has grown dramatically over recent years to become an organisation with over 100 local survivors of brain injury on its books although the group recognises that there are more local people that are not accessing the help provided by Headway.  Many survivors of brain injury experience a lack of confidence and Headway provides support in a number of ways including the provision of a calm, supportive environment with regular social events both in the Headway Centre at Le Coie and outside accompanied visits to help them reintegrate back to normality. This support has been essential for some but others have different needs. For this reason each brain injury survivor is assessed to see how the charitable group can help and what services are appropriate.

Barclays Wealth staff volunteered to help Headway with some collections in St Helier as part of Headway’s awareness week. The team also took part in the Wear a Hat for Headway Day and organised an internal cake sale which took place on 21st May. Ten staff members also undertook the Mencap South Coast Challenge on Sunday 16th May and chose to use the opportunity to raise additional funds for Headway.  The staff team raised £1,800 which Barclays Wealth then topped up to £3,300.

Paul Savery, Managing Director, Barclays Wealth in Jersey, commented: ‘I am very proud of our staff who have taken it upon themselves to organise a number of activities to raise further monies for Headway. I am also delighted that the Barclays Wealth Community Awards donation has been put to great use and that service users are benefitting from the new equipment.’

The Headway group meets each Tuesday for the crafts workshop at which crafts and cards are lovingly handmade by members who have experienced a brain injury. Craftwork requires patience and dexterity and can help members build up confidence, gain skills and enjoy a social activity. The sale of the crafts enables Headway to continue to grow and extend its services to new members. To date members of the crafts programme have displayed an improvement in concentration and hand eye co-ordination.

Barclays Wealth in Jersey gave away a total of £38,000, which was £13,000 more than expected, to help local charitable and community projects through the annual Barclays Wealth Community Awards in 2009. The awards support projects that will make a real difference to local people in a variety of ways. The Barclays Wealth Community Awards are open to registered charities that have representation in Jersey. Details of the 2010 awards will be announced later in the year.