On June 14, volunteers from RBC Wealth Management joined forces with members of La Société Jersiaise Marine Biology Section in an evening of beach cleaning. The session was organised to mark the firm’s RBC Blue Water Day – a day dedicated to highlighting the objectives and achievements of the RBC Blue Water Project, and engaging RBC employees worldwide in activities that help raise awareness of urban water issues.


The 28-strong group – consisting of RBC employees, friends and family – helped clean the beach at Harve des Pas of litter, and also recorded what was found as part of the UK Marine Conservation Society's Beachwatch programme. Volunteers were tasked with finding and noting any non-native animals and seaweeds that have started to colonise the Island's shores, and also identifying mermaids purses (shark egg cases) and cuttle fish bones to help with local research.  


Bob Tompkins from the Marine Biology Section said: ‘It is a great shame that so much effort is required from volunteers to keep our beaches free from the litter discarded into the sea and washed up on our shores. However, the session was a great success not only for the positive difference it has made to the Havre de Pas beach, but also for the invaluable information gathered about the invasive species that are gaining an unwelcome foothold.’


The RBC Blue Water Project is an innovative, wide-ranging, 10-year, global commitment to help provide access to drinkable, swimmable, fishable water, now and for future generations. Since 2007, RBC has pledged over $36 million (Canadian Dollars) to more than 500 charitable organisations worldwide that protect watersheds and promote access to clean drinking water, with an additional $6 million pledged to universities for water programmes.


Francis Binney, Environmental Officer at RBC Wealth Management, said: ‘The importance of natural water resources to our daily lives is well-documented but often underestimated. Through these RBC Blue Water Project initiatives, we hope to effect real change, while also providing excellent opportunities for our employees to volunteer their time and passion to a worthwhile cause.’



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