PARENTS of children attending an after school club have been treated to a cooking demonstration from Grand Jersey’s executive head chef as part of an ongoing sponsorship initiative involving the hotel and local trust company, Hawksford.

Thanks to a joint initiative between Hawksford and Grand Jersey, parents and children attending the Brighter Futures’ ‘Inbetweenies’ group have been learning from the Michelin starred chef, Richard Allen, how to prepare nutritional and affordable family meals.

The special cookery session was organised to celebrate the partnership formed between Brighter Futures, Hawksford and Grand Jersey. ‘Hawksford is a long-term supporter of Brighter Futures, a charity which really helps to turn families’ lives around. We have extended our sponsorship of the fathers’ club to this inbetweenies group and we are delighted to have been able to partner with Grand Jersey to provide parents and their children with advice about affordable healthy eating in a fun and enjoyable way,’ said Peter Murley, chief executive, Hawksford. ‘We intend to work with Grand Jersey and Brighter Futures on more exciting initiatives throughout 2013.’

The Brighter Futures’ Inbetweenies group caters for children aged from four to eight years old and is run after school on a weekly basis.

In his cookery demonstration, chef Richard Allen prepared a variety of wraps with various fillings including salads, ratatouille and cheeses for a main course and fruit salad with custard and a sprinkle of popping chocolate candy for dessert. All of the children got involved in preparing the meal and tried new, healthy foods that they had never eaten before. As the demonstration was such a success, Mr Allen has said he will compile a collection of recipe cards for the group. ‘We are extremely grateful to Hawksford and Grand Jersey for supporting this initiative that our Inbetweenies group parents will find helpful when it comes to providing their children with a balanced meal,’ said Fiona Brennan of Brighter Futures.

‘The children enjoyed this new dining experience and are looking forward to experimenting in their kitchens at home with their parents.’ Inbetweenies is a structured group in which both adults and children are involved in activities, which are nurturing, challenging, engaging and playful.

The group aims to promote a child’s self-esteem, sense of belonging and empathy for others. Brighter Futures is a Jersey charity based at The Bridge, which works in partnership with Parenting Support Services to meet the needs of families and young people. The charity aims to provide children, young people and families an opportunity to be safe, healthy and happy, support families to engage in life-changing opportunities especially in challenging times, and fundraise in order to be able to continue to provide support for those accessing Brighter Futures.