BWCI has launched a short survey to investigate the type of pension benefits provided by local employers.

The survey is the second of a regular series of short surveys, planned for the Channel Islands, to raise awareness of local pensions issues. The results will also help employers and trustees, by providing a benchmark against other local organisations.

Our survey looks at the type of pension arrangements local employers are providing for new staff. This is of particular importance as a tool for staff recruitment and retention. The survey will analyse employers’ priorities in establishing which benefits to provide.

BWCI partner Michelle Galpin said “For many employers pensions remain a key part of their remuneration package. However we have seen significant changes, in recent years, to the form and level of those benefits. It is useful for us, as a local provider of pension solutions, to understand not only what is being provided to local staff, but what motivates local employers to establish and maintain different types of pension arrangement.”

BWCI is encouraging local employers, including those without staff pension arrangements, to complete the survey in order to provide the most accurate picture of the local environment. All respondents can receive a free copy of the results. The survey results will also be discussed at the next BWCI Channel Island pension seminars on both islands in May.

A link to the survey can be found on the latest news section of the Group’s website at