Carey Olsen is the only offshore law firm to be ranked in the top 10 for FTSE 100 AIM clients, according to the latest AIM Advisers Rankings Guide (published May 2015).

The law firm is positioned in sixth place and retains second place in the table for the total number of AIM clients it advises cementing its longstanding position as the top ranking offshore legal adviser with 41 clients.  

The latest guide has Carey Olsen in second place in the industrials clients table in terms of market capitalisation and fourth for client numbers.  

Carey Olsen continues to rank second in the financials clients table as well as being placed sixth in consumer goods, ninth in basic materials and 10th in consumer services.  

Carey Olsen senior partner, Graham Hall, said:  “These results reaffirm our position as the offshore legal adviser of choice to London-listed clients and demonstrate the strength and breadth of our corporate offering.”  

The AIM Advisers Rankings Guide, published by Adviser Rankings Limited, contains details of institutional advisers and their quoted AIM clients. The rankings are drawn from UK and Channel Island-domiciled companies and from the growing number of overseas companies joining AIM. The latest update follows the Q1 2015 main market rankings guide where Carey Olsen maintained its position as the leading offshore law firm advising LSE clients (Corporate Adviser Rankings Guide, Q1 2015).