Douets á Laver – Jersey Lavoirs   authored by Jack Burch and Thelma Tilling showcases the Jersey lavoirs, known as "douets á laver", and how they were used to collect stream or spring water for household use and as communal places for washing linen.   The authors used local knowledge and archive documents to painstakingly compile a list of 65 known lavoirs – many of which date from the 18th and 19th centuries. A further 19 known lavoirs cannot be found or have not survived to the present day. The launch of the publication took place on 28 May at Société Jersiaise. Carey Olsen chairman John Kelleher said: "Lavoirs played an important social role in island life and served as a reminder of the importance of fresh water to communities. We commend the authors as well as the volunteers from the Council for the Protection of Jersey Heritage and Société Jersiaise whose research and field work have enabled this publication to be compiled." Co-author Thelma Tilling said: "Jack and I have really enjoyed completing the project. We have had such a lot of enthusiastic support from various sources; it has been a joy to do."