Having emerged from the global recession and its aftermath battered, but not beaten, the real estate private equity sector is finally back on a solid path toward growth, according to Global market outlook: Trends in real estate private equity, a report published recently by EY.  

“Five years on, and following a long recovery, global real estate is now entering a broad up-cycle and, having learned some important lessons during the Great Recession, private equity funds are heading down a path toward growth. This is excellent news for the Channel Islands which have a long track record of providing services to the real estate private equity sector,” said Andrew Dann, Managing Partner of EY in the Channel Islands.

“The Channel Islands are known as well-regulated domiciles for real estate funds and on top of that, the Islands have proven expertise in fund administration. Both elements put the Islands in an excellent position to benefit from the growth in real estate private equity funds.”

In addition to providing insight into the future shape of the global real estate private equity sector, the EY report discusses current trends such as the shift in investment among funds away from more expensive gateway cities such as London, New York and Hong Kong and into more secondary markets like Austin, TX and Denver, CO; Copenhagen, Denmark; Taipei, Taiwan and Jakarta, Indonesia, as they look for higher returns.