The Channel Islands Treasurers Association (CITA) has appointed its first officers and adopted its constitution following its first general meeting.  

The association, founded earlier this year, aims to bring together companies and individuals involved in treasury functions such as managing or advising clients on cash matters or safeguarding client money.  

Jeremiah O’Keeffe of JCAP Treasury Services has been appointed as president, Niall Husbands of Intertrust is vice president and Jamie McIntosh of Link Asset Services will serve as treasurer. All appointments were approved at the CITA’s general meeting, held at Intertrust’s offices on 28 February.  

Initial areas of focus for the organisation include the impact of EU Directives on the Channel Islands, the implementation of the Prudential Regulation Authority’s (PRA) ring-fencing rules for UK banks and the risk appetite of local banks.  

The CITA will also be responsible for liaising with regulators, public authorities and other related professional organisations within the islands. The group has established a LinkedIn page for members to share information and discuss the latest developments in the industry.  

Mr O’Keeffe said: “I’m pleased to be appointed as president of the CITA and bring together its 15 founding member organisations to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas relating to treasury services.  

“We’re encouraging cooperation between our members and are confident that the establishment of the association will see our interests represented fairly and positively.”  

The CITA will meet quarterly and the next meeting will focus on the impact of PRA ring fencing on UK banks with a presence in Jersey and Guernsey.  

Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact the association via or follow the LinkedIn page at: