In addition to supporting the annual under 16 County Cricket Festival, Standard Bank has become the principal sponsor of the recently formed Jersey Cricket Board Coaches Association (JCBCA).

Launched at the end of 2009, the Association is lead by members of the Jersey Cricket Board and aims to promote coach education and development within the Island. The Association will focus on facilitating the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) in the Island, in addition to running young leaders courses, seminars and skill specific workshops for currently qualified coaches.

There are currently 22 Islanders working towards either level one or level two of the national qualification, which once achieved will enable them to work with players of all ages in Jersey and all over the world.

Claire Reid, director of marketing and communications at Standard Bank said: “Having supported cricket in the Island for a number of years, we are delighted to be working with the Coaches Association to encourage coaching skills among the Islands cricket community. It is important that home grown talent is nurtured and that local players get the chance to have such excellent training opportunities working alongside quality coaches.”

She added: “We are extremely pleased to support a sport which not only provides a healthy activity for young people but which also instils in its participants such notable qualities as teamwork, determination and discipline.

Peter Gough, development officer for the Jersey Cricket Board said: “Educating and working with our coaches is a crucial part of Jersey’s development programme and ensures the continued success of cricket on the Island. We are most grateful to Standard Bank for their continued support and in particular for enabling the JCBCA to assist individuals in gaining the confidence and skills to share their knowledge and experience.”

Standard Bank has been a supporter and sponsor of cricket at local, national and international level since 1997. In 2009 the bank was a Local Partner to the ICC World Twenty20 – cricket’s twenty over world cup – which was played in England.

Its investment in, and innovative sponsorship of, domestic twenty-over cricket has helped to revitalise the game in South Africa and has set benchmarks for the global expansion of the format. The bank currently supports national South Africa ODI and Pro20 squads, South Africa’s premier domestic tournament, the Standard Bank Pro20 series in South Africa, Standard Bank Schools Pro20 Challenge and closer to home it sponsors the Isle of Man Cricket Association.