Collas Crill has become an official supporter of Ocean Culture Life (OCL), an initiative founded by Jersey-born Royal photographer, Matt Porteous.

OCL is made up of a number of Ocean Guardians and describes itself as a ‘community of storytellers with a shared passion for the sea who collaborate to create awareness about the beauty of our oceans’.

The Ocean Guardians all have a vested interested in protecting the ocean and promoting the benefits of the sea and coastline. Locally, they include Jersey Marine Conservation, Healing Waves and Littlefeet Environmental.

As the only professional services provider to be official supporters of OCL, Collas Crill are committed to ensuring a future of healthy oceans for generations to come.

As part of the commitment, the Collas Crill Jersey office recently held an exclusive event where guests were given an informative speech by Matt and the OCL team about their on-going work and the importance of acting now to preserve the ocean for future generations.

The event also hosted the first official OCL exhibition of photographs, a number of which will now be displayed in the Collas Crill Jersey office.

As a firm that prides itself on being bold, Collas Crill is committed to encouraging its 240 employees to involve themselves in charity work and supporting the community in which they live. These values align well with the mission of the OCL community to ‘deliver ethical solutions through captivating storytelling’.

Group Managing Partner Jason Romer said: ‘It’s really important to me that Collas Crill works to support the communities and environments in which we work, and OCL is an initiative relevant to all jurisdictions we operate in.

‘Being an offshore firm, the majority of our offices are based on islands which means our employees are fortunate enough to have access to beaches and the ocean on a regular basis. This makes OCL even more pertinent a cause for us to support and I look forward to growing our relationship now that we are official sponsors.’

Senior Partner Nuno Santos-Costa added: ‘The work that OCL are undertaking is something that should be commended, it is a cause that effects each and every one of us and the world in which we live.

‘Jersey is a brilliant place to call home and it is so important that we all work to protect its natural beauty for future generations; Collas Crill is proud to be behind such a worthwhile cause.’

Matt Porteous OCL said: ‘We are hugely appreciative of our recent partnership with Collas Crill, allowing OCL to continue its journey forward by collectively building awareness and reminding people what our beautiful oceans look like and the people that devote their lives protecting our coast lines.’